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                                  For further details on cancer click on these links:

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                                       D.  "Broccoli sprouts have the highest concentration of sulforaphane "

    Cancer is a complex of over hundred of diseases. Cancer is a disease of abnormal segment   of  your DNA  expression mainly triggered by the environmental factors and the changes in life   style.




                      Problems of medicin
   The history of drug action can be traced back to the work of H.H.Meyer and C.E.Overton in 1900. In 1930s marked the seminal work  of  Louis Plack .Hammett  ( April 7, 1894-Feb. 9, 1987). This is The birth of QSAR which was elaborated by  the works of C.Hansch and T.Fujita( 1964),  followed by P.Andrews (1984) . R.Cramer in 1985 paved the way to   3D QSAR software of SYBL 1.2x, CoMFA, CoMSIA. In 1992 H.-J. Bohm  introduced LUDI interaction sites and docking. In 1997: C.Lipinski  published bioavailability rule of five, and 1998 works of Ajay, Walters, Murcko, Sadowski and Hugo Kubinyi ( external versus internal predictivity -Kubinyi paradox-). However the final word will be given by the sharp chemist who combine Artificial intelligent with the Intelleigent Agent .  JJ Agresi, and David A. Weitz published  a revolutionary improvements on drug screening capabilities.They used ultrahigh-throughput screening in drop-based microfluidics to screen  over 100 million enzymes in ten hours  using only 150 microliter of reagent which will reduce the cost by million fold. 

 These environmental factors cause the well regulated processes in the cell cycle to go haywire.  The cure   is unique and has to be tailored to each individual.

 Our approach is based on tipping the balance and making the nontoxic chemopreventive agents to slowly start acting as a chemotherapeutic by the actions of key ingredient in our B69 capsules.


Curcumin is a rhizome of the plant curcuma longa :
The heart of proton Therapy is the cyclotron
The first one in Michigan was designed at NSCL-MSU by Henry Blosser

F.A.K.Nasser discussing with Professor Henry G.Blosser the past and the present advancements in proton therapy (pic below) May-2011
The proton Therapy 

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   "Like the elephant in the tale of the blind men, the root cause to all types of cancers did not correspond to any one of current many descriptions but rather is captured by all of them, this view brought forth the B69 capsules and its protocol "  
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