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  Pictured below: in Michigan State University, Lansing on May, 2011                                             
F.A.K.Nasser  during his visit to meet with professor Henry G. Blosser the founder of  National Superconducting cyclotron  Laboratory( NSCL ): Discussion about medical applications of Cyclotron in treating cancer by
 Proton Therapy                            

Professor Henry G.Blosser  ( Above left) the designer of first Cyclotron in NSCL  listening to F.A.K.Nasser                  



Chief Petroleum Engineer Abdul Mutlb Sultan of South Oil Company is shown below with Iraqi Oil Minister Dr. Shahrestani during one of the important oil minister vistes to petroleum sites.(Picture below).




    In order to access to this article in Arabic in the internet , do the followings: click on Arabic in the web site  then click on Archive and select Vol. 7 issue 154 page 36. Thanks for visiting this site.

 There is another approach to treat cancers by boosting the immune system of the patient usingell .

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