My Genealogy  

F.A.K.Nasser is shown during his  meeting with The  Oak ridge scientist the former director of the NSCL Professor Henry G. Blosser. how effective is the proton therapy in treating various types of cancers? heavy ion therapy was the focus of our discussions  with the scientists of the largest nuclear lab in the world: Facility for rare isotope beams.   May, 2011
Here is short video about the  journey through time of great achievements:

Gallery below)  My discussions with Professor H.G.Blosser, Felix Marti and Blosser student Professor Xiaoyu WU

Founding fathers of Medicinal chemistry:(Gallery below)
Paul Ehrlich, Charles Ernest Overton, Hans Horst Meyers   Charles Robert Richet (Pictures below)

Great scholars in the world of Todays QSAR: Professors  Corwin HanschChristopher A. Lipinski :Lipinski's rule of five and Hugo Kubinyi ,

All these scientists have helped me to distill out the ingredients in formulating my cancer treatment. Avicenna (Ibn Sīnā (ابن سینا), Claude Bernard, and L.Pauling had great impact on my way of looking at the research and understanding it.
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